Linguagem C++

O texto abaixo é uma tradução livre da referencia do livro STROUSTRUP Bjarn, The C++ Programming Language , 4. ed, Michigan, Person Education, 2013.

Caso voce tenha uma sugestão mais apurada da tradução, nos envie para cada vez mais melhorarmos o texto. Obrigado.

Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Part I: Introductory Material
1. Notes to the Reader
2. A Tour of C++: The Basics
3. A Tour of C++: Abstraction Mechanisms
4. A Tour of C++: Containers and Algorithms
5. A Tour of C++: Concurrency and Utilities
Part II: Basic Facilities
6. Types and Declarations
7. Pointers, Arrays, and References
8. Structures, Unions, and Enumerations
9. Statements
10. Expressions
11. Select Operations
12. Functions
13. Exception Handling
14. Namespaces
15. Source Files and Programs
Part III: Abstraction Mechanisms
16. Classes
17. Construction, Cleanup, Copy, and Move
18. Overloading
19. Special Operators
20. Derived Classes
21. Class Hierarchies
22. Run-Time Type Information
23. Templates
24. Generic Programming
25. Specialization
26. Instantiation
27. Templates and Hierarchies
28. Metaprogramming
29. A Matrix Design
Part IV: The Standard Library
30. Standard Library Summary
31. STL Containers
32. STL Algorithms
33. STL Iterators
34. Memory and Resources
35. Utilities
36. Strings
37. Regular Expressions
38. I/O Streams
39. Locales
40. Numerics
41. Concurrency
42. Threads and Tasks
43. The C Standard Library
44. Compatibility